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Fees Policy

It is free to join eTackle – there are no sign up costs. We do not charge fees for listing items but we charge a commission fee when you sell an item. Listings last indefinetly unless the item is sold out or the quantity is reduced to zero.

1. Commission Fees

We charge 6% commission for a basic membership shop on the selling price of all items (inclusive of postage).

For a premium shop membership, the commission fee is reduced to 5% on the selling price of all items (inclusive of postage).

Within our categories there is a sub category called ‘featured’. All items listed within this category are promoted within the eTackle marketplace and within its marketing platforms. Sales within this category are likely to be greater than others and as such, the commission on the selling price of all items (inclusive of postage) within this category is 8% for all shop types.

Etackle Premium shop:

Etackle provides a membership option called ‘eTackle premium membership’.

This option allows for a number of advanced shop management options within the sellers dashboard and also a reduced commission rate for all items sold.
The subscription fee for ‘eTackle premium membership’ is £7.95 per month.

  • £7.95 per month. This amount is payable by subscription to a recurring Direct Debit payment though GoCardless and is non-refundable after you have listed an item (i.e. once the service has commenced) or after 5 calendar days, whichever is soonest. 


Cancellation of the Premium membership

You can cancel your subscription at any time:

2. Payment gateway fees

The best way to get paid your sales (minus commission) is via eTackle payments (BACS) – eTackle payments will charge 3% of the amount received into an account + 25p.

We can pay you through paypal & stripe however eTackle will charge you the gateway charge for these services (3.4% & 20p via paypal / 2.9% & 20p via stripe). When you receive your payments via these service providers they will then charge you this transaction fee themselves.

For this reason, receiving payments via BACS (eTackle payments) is the most cost effective, profitable solution.

You can setup your preferred payment method via your sellers dashboard.


How are fees billed and paid for?

When an item sells, eTackle initially receives the money from the customer and holds it for 14 days before paying the seller. The reason eTackle does this, is to ensure all policies are followed and the customer receives their products in a timely fashion. This time allows for delivery, payment clearance and any initial disputes or cancellations to be processed efficiently.



Etackle is not currently VAT registered and as such cannot apply VAT to any goods or services and invoices will reflect this.

For further information please see the HMRC’s guide to VAT

If you would like to create a shop and become a seller please start the process with our seller registration form here.

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